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Madrid has been the capital of the Kingdom of Spain for more than 400 years.


It is as grand and epic as any other major European capital. It was the center of one of the greatest monarchies ever known. Madrid was the center of decisions that affected millions of people all over the five continents around the world for more than 200 years; from the Philippines to California, from Florida to Patagonia, from Mozambique to India, from Portugal to Poland and even in Turkey, Madrid was the Capital City. 


In the late sixteenth century, when King Philip II decided to build the Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial in the mountains near Madrid and turn it into a royal palace and the seat of government, no one ever imagined that from this modest Castilian town would come the royal decision to extend to a new city, and this fact remains today.


During the successive reigns of two dynasties, The Royal House of Habsburg and The Royal House of Bourbon, have ruled Spain ever since then. They filled the city with monuments and works of art, imposing their own tastes. Even into the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, they finished modeling the old town we see before us today.


The Community of Madrid is represented today by a wide range of different neighborhoods, each of them are a singular example of the main artistic trends that prevailed in Europe for the last 500 years.


Madrid has the largest collections kings related art pieces in their Madrid palaces: The main prove of this fact it’s the collection of paintings and tapestries that we are able to enjoy today in the Museo del Prado, Royal Palace and the others museums and galleries within and close by the city.


The combination between El Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen Bornemisza museums states Madrid as the main and largest art gallery in the world. 


Madrid is well known for the open-minded character of its citizens,  that warmly welcomes its visitors, who keep coming back to this great city, thank to the warm reception that the city always gives its visitors and also enjoy its terraces, gastronomy, environment, good weather and one of the best public transport in the world.


MRT will make sure that you and your beloved ones will fully enjoy our culture, gastronomy, terraces, green spots, environment, great weather and excellent transportation, while having an out-of-the-art experience guided by a personal tourism coach!


Welcome to Madrid!

Discover all the surprises that are offered in the Capital of Spain!


Our reason to be is to provide you with such excellent service o that you want to visit Madrid over and over again. 




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